GCRG Calendar 2019


Letter from the chairman, Paul Taylor, April 2018

In August of 2017 Nicky Richens, Jill Brunsdon and I made a trip down to the Otter Hole Cave Resurgence. This resulted in the production of the video "Otter Hole Cave Co2 Monitoring with a Twist" involving getting in the mud on the river bank and was without a doubt a fantastic fun day for all of us and one that will certainly be remembered. It has provided a great many laughs. If you have not seen the video then please contact me and purchase a copy on DVD for 8.00 as for every one sold a donation is made to the GCRG. I will leave you to work out what the TWIST IS.

I have for many years wanted to produce a Calendar. One with a Caving theme but not one with just pictures of Cave Passages. There are plenty of those about and they contain some stunning pictures. What I was looking for was something different and that day down on the riverbank and the discussions with Nicky & Jill very much re kindled that thought. The big question was "what would the pictures be of?" Certainly not 12 pictures of the three of us naked, covered in mud. It was certainly not going to be a Page Three production and the end result had to appeal to a wide audience. However, a seed was sown when it was noted that Nicky was covered in mud it looked very much like she had a Latex suit on, such was the fineness of the mud and the idea of "Out of Context" clothing was born. Well it's OK having an idea but for a Calendar to work thirteen pictures are required including the Front Cover and of course not only do you need different locations for the pictures to be taken, you also need people to be in the pictures. The idea was put to a few people who Nicky and I thought might be interested in taking part and to be honest it received very favourable responses so the next thing was to prepare a list of pictures that could be considered for the twelve monthly ones and also the Front Cover. The latter always to be the GCRG Landrover, Trailer and Larkin Frame all set up at a suitable location and a good supply of GCRG personnel to add to the overall result.

The monthly pictures and contents have changed from the original thoughts as different people have been brought in to help and who have come up with some great ideas and locations. Generally, the theme of the "Out of Context Clothing" has been followed and there has been had a great deal of fun producing the end results. Preparation is the key factor in success and in keeping models warm and happy where clothes changes are required. With the props for one of the shots being cocktails these, as you can imagine, were consumed. For one location a group of other cavers arrived at the location just as the models were changing. Quite what they thought they had stumbled across we will never know.

Some of the shots have been extremely challenging to set up and produce to say the least and credit must go to all of the various models for their part in getting the great end results and the support team without whom it would not have been possible.

The production team hope you will enjoy the end results, have a good laugh, and marvel at how some have been achieved. They have all been taken at locations in both Caves , Mines and on the Surface. So, although Photoshop has been used to tidy shots up, there is no Green Screen Trickery. If a shot shows someone in the water, they are in the water. Progress on the taking of the photographs has been excellent and has gone a lot quicker than the team thought and by the end of March all of the monthly shots will have been completed. With the aim to have the Front Cover taken by the end of April so that the whole lot can go off for production.

Size wise the end result is going to be A3 Portrait (two A4 sheets in Landscape) giving 26 pages in total. 13 Full colour photographs of your caving friends in locations and clothing that is certainly for the most part out of context and all at a cost of only 8.00 each. To achieve a good return for the GCRG there is a need to sell plenty so if everyone in GCRG bought two each then this would be around 200. However the more that can be sold the better for GCRG so think about buying some extra ones for Christmas presents for friends and family. Already even before people have seen them we have orders for 60.

We don't want to give too much away as to the contents of the photos but of course appreciate that you would like to see something to wet your appetites so here is the one for January It is aimed to have the Calendars available from June onwards, so what we would like is for you to place your order now by using the accompanying order form and returning it to

You will not be disappointed.


The Future

What we would like this calendar to be is the catalyst for another one in 2020 with the theme for this being "Movies" recreated underground and to add to this we would like you to think about supplying one or two pictures so that we spread the work load and get more people involved. Please give that some thought and if you think you can help out then please let Nicky or myself know as we will be more than happy to help out and provide some guidance. Get those thinking caps on. If you need a smoke machine for your shot then we have one.

Paul Taylor
Nicky Richens

The order form is available for download as well as the original letter in pdf format.