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Modulation/Filter Effects


A Phase 90 clone, circuit board bought from Vibe-O-Tronic, and other parts sourced randomly.

Populating the Circuit Board

Wiring and Mounting

The board is connected to the outside world...

...and put in a box:

Awesome sound !!!

EA Tremolo

An EA Tremolo from General Guitar Gadgets. The circuit board was etched and populated:

(The boards are two EA Tremolos, another Fuzz Face and an AMZ Mosfet booster).

Awesome sound !!! Really vintage and cool...

Analog Chorus

A BYOC Analog Chorus circuit board, bought from Vibe-O-Tronic, and other parts sourced randomly.

A clone of the Boss CE2.

Nurse Quacky

Nurse Quacky - an updated Electro-Harmonix Dr Q, schematic from Home Wrecker. This was built on stripboard, with a TL072...

Funkaaaayyy... (quite a cool effect from such a simple circuit).

Tremulus Lune

A Tremulus Lune tremolo adapted from Tonepad and Commonsound, with the symmetry mod, a reverse log speed pot and the latest recommended mods from Commonsound. The circuit board was etched and populated far left):

There were a crazy number of pots but it all worked first time.

I really like it - you can get some crazy tremolo sounds from it - I think I'll still use the EA Tremolo as well though.

Snow White Auto-Wah

A Snow White auto-wah, from This PCB was from a batch that I had problems etching:

I actually prefer the Nurse Quacky...



Power supply (LT1054 charge pump, 9V -> 18V and regulated to 15V with separate supplies for LFO and signal):

Ada Flanger

A clone of the ADA Flanger using a MN3007. Took a while to calibrate but sounds amazing.