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Andy's Homemade Guitars

Martin OM Kit


I had been planning on building a guitar for many years. I finally bit the bullet and bought a Martin 14 fret Mahogany OM (long scale) over Easter 2006. I had no experience of wood working (apart from two years at school a long time ago), but spent a long time researching and planning what I would do.

I was bitten by the bug and so far I have built a total of three guitars. I was taken by the idea of building everything that I played so I built many effects pedals and a valve amp.

I started using a DAW to sequence my guitar playing, providing drums and other instruments - sampled and synthesised. I started really enjoying playing with software synths and became attracted to the idea of a hardware synth. After lots of research, I decided to start a eurorack modular synth. After the fun of designing and building effects pedals, it was natural to want to build a lot of the modules in the synth.

The following pages document the construction of my guitars and other musical instruments.

  • A Martin OM steel string acoustic made from mahogany (completed 21/1/07)
  • A Single Cut electric made from sycamore (completed 19/5/07)
  • A Telecaster made from various parts (completed 9/9/10)
  • Amplifiers:

  • A 5w Valve amp (Class A)
  • Effects pedals:

  • Lots of effects pedals - overdrive/distortion, modulation, delay, etc.
  • Modular Synth:

  • A Eurorack modular synth - currently 84u in size

  • Gallery

    Completed guitars:

    Modular synth: