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Modular Synth (Eurorack) - Case


I used a walnut board, cut it to size and planed it to 25mm thickness. I decided to build an 84hp width 12u case, with a depth of 200mm. I cut and planed the boards. I decided to biscuit joint them as I wanted to be absolutely exact on dimensions and wasn't confident cutting dove tails and keeping dimensions to within about a quarter of a millimetre (to fit the racks properly). The back was made from plywood which was stained with a spirit-based walnut dye. After closing the carcass, I used Liberon Finishing Oil (with no sanding sealer). I applied eight coats and then waxed with Black Bison wax.

Power and Mounting the Modules

Doepfer A-100 DIY Kit

I bought a Doepfer DIY kit which consists of two (6U) 84HP rails, a power supply and two bus boards. I mounted the power supply and bus boards on PCB standoffs on the back of the case. I used XLR caonnectors (rated > 2A) to connect the power.

As the rack grew, I bought a second kit for the next 6U.

Second DIY Case


This will probably a quickly knocked up plywood 6u case built around synthrack rails and Frequency Central Routemaster power supply/busboard.

Frequency Central Routemaster

I started building two Frequency Central bus board/power supplies to use as a test power supply, with the long-term plan of mounting them in a 6u case later.

Synthrack Rails

I decided to build a case using Synthracks 84HP rails.

Doepfer LC9 (PSU2)

A second-hand LC9 with linear power supply (PSU2) was too much of a bargain to ignore, right when I had just filled the 12u DIY case !

Doepfer LC9 (PSU3)

I built a lot of new modules and was too impatient to build the large case I have planned so I bought another Doepfer LC9 (PSU3 version this time).

Doepfer LC9 (PSU3)

Another LC9 !

Doepfer LC9 (PSU3)

Yet another LC9 (second hand at too good a price to pass up)!

Doepfer LC3

Second hand LC3 at too good a price to ignore! I'll use this on my test bench.

3d-Printed Case

05/01/20 Built an 46hp 3d-printed case.

I used a busboard that was sent to me from a friend (thanks Jens!). The power supply was a Meanwell DCW12a-12. It uses 9-18v dc and converts to +/-12v dc.

Doepfer LC9 (PSU3)

Yet Another LC9 !

3d-Printed Case Number 2

20/04/20 Built another 46hp 3d-printed case.

Doepfer LC9 (PSU3)

Still yet another LC9

Another 3d-Printed Case

05/01/20 Built an 46hp 3d-printed case.

Future Plans

I have a load of walnut planks that are seasoning. I have bought a load of 84hp rails and inserts. I have also got nine Moraydular 14-socket diy pcbs that I'll use as busboards. For power, I have been experimenting with a Meanwell RT-65b (cheap but really high ripple), a linear psu based around a toroidal transformer but I am a little worried about heat in an 18u case. In the end, as I am really happy with the Doepfer PSU3 power supplies, I have decided to just use two of these in an 18u case.