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Timeline for SE5A single-ended amplifier:

  • 03/12/07: Received the kit
  • 08/12/07: Started building it. Completed the turret board.
  • 09/12/07: Started assembling the chassis (mounting parts).
  • 12/12/07: Soldered the external wires to the turret board.
  • 13/04/08: Long gap due to work commitments. Wired up the chassis to the turret board. Worked straight away. Used the amp as it was with a Marshall 4x12 cabinet, loaded with Greenbacks.
  • 25/09/17: Started work on a dedicated solid cherry 1x12 cabinet and matching head cabinet. Cut raw boards, dimensioned and planed them.
  • 07/10/17: Cut boards to size for the two cabinets. Proceeded to cut finger joints.
  • 06/02/18: Glued the speaker cabinet.
  • 11/02/18: Glued the head cabinet.
  • 17/02/18: Sanded both cabinets to 60 grit. Cut and fitted the front battens of the speaker cab.
  • 18/02/18: Cut and fitted the rear battens of the speaker cab. Cut the speaker hole. Cut and planed the faceplate for the head cab.
  • 19/02/18: Cut and fitted the faceplate for the head cab.
  • 20/02/18: Cut out the control access in the faceplate for the head cab.