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Head and Speaker Cabinet

I bought some cherry boards and left them to season

I cut them to managable board lengths, planed and thicknessed them:

The boards were cut to size for the head and speaker cabinets:

After cutting finger joints and gluing the speaker cabinet:

Finger joints cut in head cabinet:

Gluing the head cabinet:

I didn't have enough spare wood to cut full length 1.5-2" high battens to mount the front and back panels for the speaker cabinet so I jointed some shorter offcuts and then cut them to 40mm height, then fitted them in the case:

The speaker baffle was cut to allow room at the edges to fold the grille cloth over it.

I cut the hole for the speaker by using an edge guide and hammering a nail throught one of the holes in the guide and through a couple of blocks of wood to act as a bearing:

Faceplate for head cab:

Backplate for head cab: