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The Wood

I am using Sycamore for the body and am laminating a neck with sycamore and sapele:

I am using rosewood for the fingerboard that I bought as a blank from a luthier supplies.

For the headstock, I will use brown burr oak.

Changed my mind - I am using rosewood:

Body Construction

Cutting and Planing

The sycamore was cut and then the blank for the body was planed flat and trued:

Routing The Pickup Cavities

I made a jig for routing the pickup cavities which was held fast to the body blank with double sided sticky tape.

The Neck Mortise

First the neck was planed to an angle of five degrees. I then made a jig to rout out the mortise joint. This is so that the bottom of the mortise will be parallel to the top and hence the tenon can be cut parallel.

Bandsaw To Shape

A copy of the plans was glued to the body and then it was cut out with a bandsaw.

It's starting to look like a guitar now !

Rout Out Control Cavity

I am using a five position rotary switch along with a tone and a volume pot. First I drilled 10mm and 8mm holes respectively through the body. Then, from the back, I drilled two inch and a half holes up to about 10mm from the front and one inch diameter hole. I then joined up the holes and free hand routed out the cavity, leaving large ledges for the plate to sit on. I will also rout a narrow ledge once I have cut the plate to size.

The first picture shows the start of the routing and the second one shows the cavity completed. Once I have carved the top, I will make the cavity a little deeper so that the pots fit through.

I then changed my mind and added one more control pot !

Drill Connecting Holes For Wiring

Using a 9" auger bit, I drilled a hole from the jack socket, through the control cavity and into the bridge pickup cavity. This was quite a scary job as it needed to be so accurate ! I also drilled through from the neck mortise through the bulkhead between the neck and bridge pickup cavities. These are all for wiring.

Carve Body

I initially routed out channels around the body.

I then sanded the body down to make smooth curves.

Control Cavity Cover

I routed the control cavity a little deeper now the carving has been done. I then made a cover from some sycamore. I planed it flat and then thicknessed it to about 5mm. I then scribed around it and freehand routed a ledge in the body to accomodate the cover.