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Construction Log For Electric Guitar

  • 22/03/07: Started: cut a block for the body and planed it smooth and true. image (~4 hours)
  • 23/03/07: Cut and planed the sycamore and sapele for the neck. image (~4 hours)
  • 30/03/07: Laminate neck. image (~1 hour)

    A week's holiday (for Easter):
  • 06/04/07: Rout truss rod slot, rout out pickup cavities image (~7 hours)
  • 07/04/07: Finish routing out pickup cavities image. Plane neck angle on body and rout neck mortise image. Bandsaw neck image. (~7 hours)
  • 08/04/07: Clean up neck and plane headstock to thickness. Section some burr oak for a head stock image. Bandsaw out body image. (~4 hours)
  • 09/04/07: Cut tenon for neck/body joint image. Glued veneer on to headstock. (~4 hours)
  • 10/04/07: Roughly cut and thickness the fillet wood to sit on top of the truss rod. Start roughing out neck shape image (~6 hours)
  • 11/04/07: Bandsaw out neck image. Sand body to remove bandsaw marks. Thickness fingerboard. Build fingerboard fret cutting jig image. (~6 hours)
  • 13/04/07: Finish sanding body to remove bandsaw marks (used a bobbin sander). Shape headstock image. Thickness headstock for machine heads. Cut thickness some rosewood for the truss rod cover. Plane truss rod slot fillet to width. Start shaping neck image. (~7 hours)
  • 14/04/07: Drill holes for machine heads image. Finesse neck joint. Rout out control cavity image. Round over the edge of the back. (~5 hours)
  • 15/04/07: Glue in truss rod and fillet image. Cut fret slots image. (~4 hours)
  • 16/04/07: Drill connection holes from jack to bridge pickup and from neck to bridge pickup. Drill fingerboard and glue in position markers image. Carve body image. (~7 hours).

  • 20/04/07: Radius fingerboard image and attach to neck image (~3 hours).
  • 21/04/07: Drill and glue side inlay markers. Drill out jack socket hole. Cut inlay, rout pocket, glue image and fill. (~6 hours)
  • 22/04/07: Sand inlay. image and fill. Roughly shape neck, close to final shape. (~3 hours)
  • 26/04/07: Rout control cavity deeper, make cover and rout ledge. image. Fret fingerboard image, file frets back flush with side and taper to 35 degrees. Sand body and neck back to 240 grit. Glue neck into body image. (~6 hours)
  • 28/04/07: Sanding around neck joint and rest of guitar. (~2 hours)
  • 03/05/07: Drill bridge and tailpiece holes. Enlarge pot holes. Bore out control knobs to 1/4". Sanding. (~4 hours)
  • 04/05/07: Make truss rod cover. Drill holes for truss rod cover, strap buttons and control cavity. Sand (120, 240, 320, 400, 800). Masking. Apply first coat of sanding sealer image. (~4 hours)
  • 05/05/07: Another coat of sealer/filler (~20 mins)
  • 06/05/07: 4 coats of Tru-oil (~1 hour)
  • 07/05/07: 4 coats of Tru-oil image. (~1 hour)
  • 10/05/07: 4 coats of Tru-oil (~1 hour)
  • 13/05/07: A couple of coats of wax (~1 hour)
  • 16/05/07: Screw on all the bits of hardware (~1 hour)
  • 17/05/07: Wire up the pickups image. (~3 hours)
  • 18/05/07: Start setting it up - nut, action, redo fret levelling, etc. (~4 hours)
  • 19/05/07: Finish shaping nut and setting intonation - nut, action, etc. (~4 hours)

    Total time spent: ~110 hours