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Events 2017

The events listed below are dependant upon your support. Some dates may change at short notice, so if you want to be kept updated on the latest developments, please give Jon your contact details. If you have any requests, or require any further information about the trips listed, please contact Jon Holden (07794 030024). Members of the RFDCC are also welcome to attend other meets organised by the Gloucester Speleological Society and Hades. See the GSS website for their latest trip list, contact details and meeting times.

NB – The weekend trips will be on Saturday, unless Sunday is preferred by the majority. If you fancy going on a trip, but can’t make the date – let Jon know ASAP, and it should be possible to change a date or two.

SRT and rope work training sessions are run by GSS and are usually (but not always!) held at the Cave Rescue Depot in Cinderford on the second Monday of the month. These sessions are only held if there is interest, so if you fancy going along, please email training@gloucester-speleo.org for information

Date Event
Tue 20/06/2017 Cross Joints: Short but sweet - a bit of a collector's piece. A small wet passage leads to a pitch and a large chamber. Contact Jon if you wish to go.
23-26/06/2017 NAMHO AGM AND MINING HISTORY CONFERENCE 2017:This year being hosted by Wealdon Cave and Mine Society in East Surrey. NAMHO 2017
07-09/07/2017 Priddy Folk Festival: Go and chill in Priddy or venture underground in Mendip or do both! Accommodation over the weekend in Shepton Mallet Caving Club Hut.
Mon 10/07/2017 Club Social: Monkeying around at Symonds Yat. Plans to set up a tyrolean set up on Yat Rock. Great fun, come and have a play. Stating from 6:30. Bring a BBQ, your srt kit and a helmet.
Thur 17/09/2017 Social at the GCRG Depot: GSS are having a social evening and BBQ at the GCRG Depot.Lots of fun and games onn offer plus the chance to have a look around the Cave Rescue Depot and even share a beer with fellow caving club members. Starting about 7:00 and open to all local cavers. Bring your own BBQ food and drink.
Mon 11/09/2017 Club Social: The showing of Melvin Watts films “The River Severn” and “Forest Life” presented by John Thurston in aid of local charity. Meet downstairs at the Rising Sun, Moseley Green 8pm.
Sun 10/09/2017 GCRG training day: Contact GCRG for more details.
Mon 02/10/2017 AGM: Come to vote on who runs YOUR Club. Meet downstairs at the Rising Sun pub Moseley Green 8pm.
Mon 06/11/2017 Club Social: Shopping and a talk! Tony Seddon talks about his trip down the deepedt cave in the world and will be bringing along the latest hot buys in the caving shopping world from Starless River. If you would like him to bring along anything in particular eg. different suit sizes, drop him an email and he can bring along. Meet downstairs at the Rising Sun, Moseley Green 8pm.
Sun 10/12/2017 GCRG training day: Contact GCRG for more details.
Wed 20/12/2017 Old Ham Retro Trip: Meet at the gate 6pm. armed with olde worlde caving set up. No electric lights allowed, candles, stinkies or a creation of your own! Experience the caves as the miners did on this little trip. Suitable for all abilities. If you would like to hire a stinkie for the evening, speak to Mole.
Wed 20/12/2017 Xmas Club Social: Meet downstairs at the Rising Sun pub at Moseley Green 8pm. Savoury food provided, please bring a pudding and don't forget a quality donation raffle prize !
Tue ?/12/2017 Ogof Ffynnon Ddu: Date TBC but between xmas and New Year. So much to explore and such a variety of trips available whatever the weather. A must do trip for anyone who is fed up of Xmas excess. Get yourselves down there! Suitable trips for all abilities whether you want a hard trip to the further reaches, an invigourating through trip in the streamway or just a mellow wander amongst the formations.
Mon 01/01/2018 New Years Day Walk: To be confirmed.
And for 2018...Dates to be confirmed Where do you want to go???? The proposed meets list will be posted when available, so if there's anywhere you fancy going, let Jon know, and he'll try to organise a trip. I'm sure he would appreciate any help you can give to suggest and help organise local trips for Wed evenings. Trips can be arranged to suit to all abilities. If you haven't come along on a Club trip before, they are a great way of getting to know people, seeing different caves, and a lot of fun. Don't be shy!


Local Caves

  • Wet Sink/Slaughter
  • Otter Hole
  • Redhouse
  • Big Sink
  • Miss Grace's Lane
  • Ban-Y-Gor

  • Local Mines

  • Noxon Park
  • Wigpool
  • Bixslade

  • Current Digs

  • Kelly's Lane
  • The Dropper
  • Hole in the Hedge
  • Cowshill Farm Dig
  • Piccadilly Pot
  • Cabsav