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Otter Hole Season 2014

IMPORTANT: The meet time shown is the time you should be changed and ready to leave the car park.
As a rough guide a between tide trip is approx. 6 hours underground, and an over tide trip between 9 and 15. Please read the general information before you request a trip.

Day Date Trip Meet Warden Group Details
Sat 26 April Between 08:00   wardens successful
Sun 27 April Between 09:00 MIBE North Lakes Caving Club successful
Sat 03 May Between 13:00 PATA Southampton University Caving Club successful
Sun 04 May Between 13:30 JAKA    
Mon 05 May Over 07:15 NIBA Border Caving Group successful
Sat 10 May Over 12:15 JAKA Lost World Caving Club cancelled by group
Sun 11 May Between 07:30 ADTH    
Sat 24 May Over 12:00 NIBA Society of Open University Potholers Cancelled due to weather
Sun 25 May Between 07:30      
Mon 26 May Between 08:30      
Sat 31 May Between 12:00 DAWE Yorkshire Subterranean Society Sump failed to open
Sat 21 June Over 10:15 TORA Wealdon Cave and Mine Society successful
Sat 28 June Between 11:15 MALL Reading University Sump failed to open
Sat 05 July Over 08:30 KEBR Orpheus Caving Club successful
Sun 06 July Over 09:00 HEDA Exeter University Re-arranged with group
Sat 19 July Over 08:45 IAHE Dudley Caving Club successful
Sun 20 July Over 09:30 PEMA Society of Open University Potholers successful
Sat 26 July Between 10:15 ROWE Bradford Pothole Club successful
Sun 27 July Between 11:00 PESP; Gloucester Wardens  
Sat 02 August Over 07:15 HEDA Bristol Exploration Club successful
Sun 03 August Over 07:45 DADI Cave Rescue Organisation cancelled by group
Sat 16 August Over 07:45 DASA Swindon Speleological Society Sump failed to open
Sun 17 August Over 08:15 RHWI South Wales Caving Club Sump failed to open
Sat 23 August Between 09:00 ADFA Chelsea Speleological Society successful
Sun 24 August Between 09:45 DAWE Vibram Mountaineering Club successful
Mon 25 August Between 10:30 JOHU    
Sat 30 August Between 13:00 ADFA    
Sat 06 September Between 07:30 MAWI Pegasus Club trip aborted
Sat 20 September Between 07:30 ANCL    
Sun 21 September Between 08:30 ADTH    

Local Caves

  • Wet Sink/Slaughter
  • Otter Hole
  • Redhouse
  • Big Sink
  • Miss Grace's Lane
  • Ban-Y-Gor

  • Local Mines

  • Old Ham
  • Noxon Park
  • Wigpool
  • Bixslade

  • Current Digs

  • Kelly's Lane
  • The Dropper
  • Hole in the Hedge
  • Cowshill Farm Dig
  • Piccadilly Pot
  • Cabsav