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The Dropper

Grid reference: SO 5595 1432

The Dropper is a dig-site located about half way between Bracelands campsite and Symonds-Yat Rock.

The site is an infilled pot-hole, that drops initially through conglomerate rock, then Whitehead limestone, and finally into the Dolomite limestone.

The dig is now well over 30m deep and, unlike MGL cave, is not at all straight down. This means that when a bucket of spoil is hauled to the surface it has to go round a number of corners; 7 in fact. To haul a bucket efficiently we need a man, or woman, on each of the bends in the shaft, plus one digging at the bottom, plus two carrying and emptying at the surface. So nine people in total. The problem is that we frequently only have 5, 6 or 7; so progress is slow.

The work is mostly boring, the only excitement being the regular roof collapses that send the digger at the bottom scurrying upwards; but the company is good, and the prospects are endless (or should that be measureless?).

We dig on wednesday evenings three weeks of the month, the fourth week being reserved for the monthly Club evening trip

We could do with a few more committed people, though any help will be warmly appreciated. So if you fancy it, get in touch with Greg Jones. You know you'll kick yourself if you're not there when it goes!

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